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The PrivateMedical.Clinic™ is a subsidiary of FlyingMedicine Ltd™ and is focused on giving excellent, personalised, caring medical services. For the most part you'll see one doctor who will come to know you and your medical history thereby developing a relationship which ensure safe, effective, tailored and assured care.


The Private Medical.Clinic™ offers a range of services to all types of individuals whether for private general practice assessments, health screens, private scans, sexually transmitted disease checks, travel vaccinations like Yellow Fever, medical certifications like UK Oil and Gas Medicals, Taxi/ HGV Medicals, prescriptions and sick notes.


Our ethos is to provide a high quality and affordable service to all clients whether individuals, families, friends, entrepreneurs or simply those visiting the country and in need of some non urgent medical input.

As a doctor led service, backed by the latest lab tests and scanning services, we can review all those with medical concerns, complicated medical conditions, new symptoms, concerning symptoms, chronic illnesses or those in need of some simple assurance.

We have high satisfaction rates at assessing patients and safely giving them assistance on the day.

Patients can book same day appointments if time is short. 


Patients are encouraged to leave feedback either by directly emailing us on, via social media channels or through the CQC.

Our CQC registration can be found here.

Our Infection control lead is Dr Nomy Ahmed and can be contacted via

Our services can also be tailored to suit our patient's specific needs and for those who want anwers and treatment swiftly and with little fuss.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to make a positive difference in the lives our community, by offering the highest-quality of private medical care, in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. 

We will strive to give a high level of care, compassion and understanding to all our patients. 

Our ultimate goal is to make an impact on the well-being of our patients and thus to benefit the community as a whole.

We aim to use technology smartly to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our administration patient contact and clinical activity 

We will continue to invest in our staff as our team grows, diversifying and developing our skills and knowledge base to ensure that we have a highly skilled, resilient and adaptable workforce to meet the needs of our patients and communities. 

We aim to support our development through a greater understanding and treatment of disease through proactive engagement with research audits and projects 

We will seek to collaborate and work in partnerships to strengthen community links and respond to local regional and national initiatives.

Mission statement

·       We aim to provide the best possible medical care of the highest quality, for our patients and to build a practice which allows us to     provide comprehensive care in a comfortable, pleasant setting.

·       Provide our patients, a broad range of medical services and choices, giving clear explanation to the options available. 

·       We have staff who are happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding treatments.

·       To treat each patient with dignity, respect, kindness and understanding to demonstrate that the patient is valued in this practice.

·       To serve our community through medical/travel health advice, and educational programs.

·       We aim to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our patients by providing them clean, safe and friendly atmosphere.

·       We follow strict compliance with all regulatory and ethical rules set forth by the concerned bodies.

·       All our staff members work as a team, in harmony with each other to build a satisfied patient base and place our patient’s interests first.

·       We always try to pursue excellence in medical care and will always be open to new possibilities and any evidence-based literature.

·       We continuously update the staff through regular meetings, teaching sessions and by attending the CPD courses. Thus we have a team of professional, honest and committed staff.



Our Core Values for all of our employees

  1. Integrity: Act with high moral principle. Adhere to the highest professional standards. Maintain the trust and confidence of all with whom we engage.

  2. Commitment: Work diligently to serve all our patients. To fulfil our individual responsibilities and organizational responsibilities.

  3. Advocacy: Be truly patient/community centric, by identifying, fully considering and appropriately advancing the interests of them.

  4. Respect: Treat all those we serve, and with whom we work with, with dignity and respect. 

  5. Innovative: Where and when possible will use and resources technologies to provide the best service we can 

  6. Excellence: Strive for the highest quality and continuous improvement. Be thoughtful and decisive in leadership roles, be accountable for our actions, willing to admit where thing didn’t go well and rigorous in addressing them


Call 0333 404 3232 / 07440082790

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