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Private Scans 

PrivateMedical.Clinic™ offers a range of private sick scans as part of our private doctor consultations.

Scans are an invaluable investigation when searching for causes of significant medical symptoms and signs.

Prompt scanning can quickly get a diagnosis and treatment started early can result in speedy recovery or life saving interventions.

You will need to see a doctor before any referral is  issued, and the private referral  fee is separate to your consultation fee. 

When issuing a private scan referral  we are obligated to: 

  • Ensure each referral is appropriate and issued according to medical, clinical and practice  guidelines. 

  • Advise we cannot therefore guarantee that any particular scan requested will be issued.

We offer the full range of scans from:

  • MRI scans

  • CT Scans

  • Ultrasound Scans

  • Xrays 

  • Mammography

  • Cardiac Calcium Scores

  • Cardiac ECHO examinations

  • Cardiac MRI scans

  • Enhanced MRI Brain scans

Our private scanning  service  is prompt and efficient to get you answers quickly and we offer a same day issuance on the day of the consultation.

Once the scan result is back we run through what the report means and can quickly refer to our bank of eminent specialists as we are not tied to any specific hospital or organisation.

Call 0333 4040 3232 / 07440082790 to book in now and get the answers you want.

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PrivateMedical Clinic xrays
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