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Private Sick Notes

PrivateMedical.Clinic™ offers a private sick note  service as part of our private doctor consultations.

You will need to see a doctor before any sick note is issued, and the private sick note fee is separate to your consultation fee. 

When issuing sick note we are obligated to: 

  • Ensure each sick note is appropriate and issued according to medical, clinical and practice  guidelines. 

  • Advise we cannot therefore guarantee that the length of time for sick leave requested will be issued.

  • Advise our doctors DO NOT back date sick notes and usually require consent from the patient to contact their NHS GP to confirm details if previous NHS sick notes have been issued.

  • Advise repeat sick notes usually require a follow up consultation before issuance by our doctors

Our private sick note service is prompt and efficient and we offer a same day issuance on the day of the consultation.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Our private sick note service includes: 

  • Same day flexible appointments

  • Private sick notes issued in our consultations

  • Issued on day 1 of illness and no need for day self certification period

  • accepted by employers and insurance companies

  • Prompt turn around time


Click here to book a GP appointment or call us at 0333-404-3232  to make an appointment. We offer same day appointments available six days a week and late evenings, allowing flexibility for your comfort

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