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Private Blood and Lab Tests 

PrivateMedical.Clinic™ offers a range of private blood and lab tests as part of our private doctor consultations.

Rapid tests are an invaluable investigation when searching for causes of significant medical symptoms and signs.

Prompt blood tests can quickly get a diagnosis and treatment started early can result in speedy recovery or life saving interventions.

You will need to see a doctor before any blood tests are taken in order determine which tests are appropriate.

PrivateMedical.Clinic™ via its private labs is able to offer a variety of blood tests and those not routinely available through the NHS.

Its courier service also ensure tests are done quickly and results are emailed usually within a day or so.

The service also includes a review of the results to ensure patients understand what the test results mean and then an action plan to ensure any issues highlighted are addressed.

When issuing a private blood / labs tests  we are obligated to: 

  • Ensure each test is appropriate and issued according to medical, clinical and practice  guidelines. 

  • Advise we cannot therefore guarantee that any particular test requested will be undertaken.

We offer the full range of blood health assessments from:

  • Basic Health Screens

  • Gold screens 

  • Ultimate Health checks

  • Cancer screens

  • Mens Health

  • Female Health

  • Heart Health

  • Infertility Checks

  • Food Intolerance tests

  • Allergy blood tests

  • Swab Tests

  • Urine checks

  • Stool checks for infection 

  • Stool checks for blood

  • Breath Tests for Gut infections

  • Drug and Alcohol Checks 

A sample of the blood tests on offer include:

Full Blood Count

  • Haemoglobin

  • Red blood cells

  • Haematocrit

  • Mean cell volume

  • Red cell distribution

  • Mean cell haemoglobin

  • Platelets

  • MPV

  • White blood cells

  • Neutrophils

  • Lymphocytes

  • Monocytes

  • Eosinophils

  • Basophils


  • Chloride

  • Glucose

  • Iron

  • Ferritin

  • Transferrin saturation

  • TIBC (total iron binding capacity)

  • Creatinine Kinase

  • Cortisol

Haematology (Inflammatory Markers)

  • ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate)

  • hs-CRP (inflammatory marker)

Kidney Function

  • Total protein

  • Albumin

  • Globulin

  • Sodium

  • Potassium

  • Bicarbonate

  • Urea

  • Creatinine

  • eGFR (MDRB)

Liver Function

  • Total protein

  • Albumin

  • Globulin

  • ALT – alanine transaminase

  • AST – aspartate transaminase

  • ALP – alkaline phosphatase

  • GGT – gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase

  • LDH – lactate dehydrogenase

  • Total bilirubin

Bone screen

  • Total protein

  • Albumin

  • Globulin

  • Calcium

  • Corrected calcium

  • Phosphate

  • ALP

  • Uric acid


  • Total cholesterol

  • HDL – high density lipoprotein

  • Triglycerides

  • LDL – low density lipoprotein

  • Chol:HDL ratio

  • Non HDL cholesterol

Thyroid Function Tests

  • TSH – thyroid stimulating hormone

  • T4 – thyroxine

  • Free T4

  • T3 – triiodothyronine

  • Free T3

  • Thyroid antibodies

Vitamins/ Minerals

  • Calcium

  • Phosphate

  • Active Vitamin B12

  • Folate

  • 25-OH Vitamin D

Sugar control

  • HbA1C

  • Insulin levels

Hormones (Male)

  • Total testosterone

  • Free testosterone

  • SHBG – sex hormone binding globulin

  • Total PSA – prostate specific antigen

  • Free PSA

  • Total:Free PSA calculated ratio

Hormones (Female)

  • FSH – follicle stimulating hormone

  • LH-leuteinizing hormone

  • Oestradiol

  • Prolactin

  • Anti-mullerian Hormone

Our private blood service  is prompt and efficient to get you answers quickly and we offer a same day testing  on the day of the consultation.


Once the results is back we run through what the report means and can quickly refer to our bank of eminent specialists as we are not tied to any specific hospital or organisation.

Call 0333 4040 3232 / 07440082790 to book in now and get the answers you want.

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