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PrivateMedical.Clinic is set up to assist people needing COVID19 PCR tests and  certificates for flying.

Most airlines give 96 hours or 72 hours from the time the swab is taken to the point people need to show their negative nCOVID19 RT-PCR Swab test result or IgG/ IgM blood test result. We are able to cater for all destinations requirements.


The process is simple:

Call 03334043232 to book a clinic appointment.

Advise us the timeline the airline has given

We will take a non refundable deposit at the time of booking.

Ensure you haven't had any symptoms for two weeks prior to attending your clinic appointment.

Complete some forms- we will email you these once your booking in done to reduce your clinic wait times.

The doctor will then safely examine you and take a swab from your throat and nose. This is slightly discomforting but most patients including children can manage the process without major issues.

We will send the sample straight away to our UK accredited lab using our courier service.

1) We have a SUPER FAST 24hr service for £249*

The results are back typically by 24hr after the time the lab receives the sample which gives peace of mind as well as time to organise additional testing if needed. The results are UKAS accredited and the report has the swab  time stamp, identification check and RT-PCR labels on the report.

2) Express service -Up to 72hr service £149

The Express service is seeing the results back between 48-72hr from the point the lab receives and logs it.


Sadly we cannot guarantee the service as it is dependant on aspects outside our control-lab times, lab equipment, courier delays, misplaced/lost samples, in-conclusive results etc.

3) Rapid IgG/ IgM blood test £99.

This blood test looks for past (IgG) and developing (IgM) COVID19 infections. The turn around time is approximately 24hrs using our accredited lab.

We will issue a certificate and the Accreditated lab COVID19 PCR SWAB and or a IgG/ IgM BLOOD report via email as soon as we have them.






Be assured, the team at the™ routinely arrange such tests and certificates without delay to ensure travel can be done with confidence.

Call 03334043232 /07440082790

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