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 Dr Nomy Ahmed Aeromedical doctor
Dr Nomy Ahmed


Dr Nomy Ahmed is the owner and CEO of the parent company for the

He is a UK born and trained primary care doctor with post graduate training in Aerospace Medicine, Travel Health and Occupational Health.  

He has worked for major airlines like Emirates and British Airways.

He has given numerous lectures at internationally recognised events including the Aviation and Space Medicine Association (AsMA) annual meetings, IATA Cabin Health Conferences and International Congress on Aviation and Aerospace Science and ICAO.


In 2015, Dr Nomy was awarded the prestigious Boothby –Edwards award for outstanding research and clinical practice directed at the promotion of health and prevention of disease in professional airline pilots from the Aerospace Medical Association and in 2018/2019 he was awarded the Fellowship of the Aerospace Medical Association and a fellowship at the Royal Aeronautical Society


Dr Nomy offers the full range of  Travel vaccinations, Fitness to Fly assessments and a consultancy service.

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