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Botox Treatment
Refreshed Look
Man Getting Botox
Botox treatment

PrivateMedical.Clinic™ is set up to assist people wanting subtle treatments to look fresher and more youthful.

This can be assisted by the use of anti-wrinkle injections using Botulinum products and Hyaluronic acid injections to return volume and encourage skin tightening.

The products used at the clinic are limited to Botox® and Azzalure® for anti-wrinkle injections,  Juverderm® for volume and Profhilo® for skin tightening.


Anti-wrinkle treatments using Botulinum have been used successfully for several decades and several million procedures in both men and women. They assist but relaxing dynamic muscles and softening the lines associated with ageing. They have also been used to reduce sweating and assisting those who struggle with migraines and tension headaches.

The patient information leaflet for Botox® can be found here and for Azzalure® here,   Juvederm® and Profhilo®

Please read it carefully before considering treatment.  


We expect all our clients to have read and understood the information.

We are obviously very happy to run through the information again during the consultation.


The process is simple:

Call 03334043232 to book a clinic appointment.

We will take a small non refundable deposit to secure the booking and cover the cost of the consultation.

Ensure you haven't had any symptoms for two weeks prior to attending your clinic appointment

Complete some forms- we will email you these once your booking us secured to reduce your clinic wait times.

Please ensure you remain well up to the day of your appointment and that you are not pregnant/ planning pregnancy or breast feeding as these are contraindications for the treatments.

If you are unwell we are happy to reschedule your appointment.

On attending the clinic, the doctor will then undertake a thorough review of your history, previous treatments, , discuss options if appropriate and jointly make a management plan with you.

We reserve the right to decline treatments that we do not feel are appropriate or in the long term best interests of our clients.

We will not undertake treatments we have not been trained in or experienced in undertaking.

Once the treatment has been undertaken we will run through what to expect, when and what not to do again and plan your next review/ visit.

Be assured, the team at the™ routinely undertake treatments and therefore you can book and be treated with confidence.

Call 03334043232 /07440082790 or booking in online

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